Lost Soul, Fiction

He finds the fabled pool— the ancient abalone.

“Please,” the man begs. “I wish for a better life.”

In an instant, he’s compressed, morphed, and blown away in the wind. He lands, joins brothers and sisters—fellow lost souls.

A sapling begins to grow near the edge of a forest.

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A Meal for the Family – Crime Fiction

‘Man, that was great ravioli.’

‘An extra special reward. You had trouble with the shipment, eh? Had to waste a cop?’

‘Shit happens. I like the fancy cutlery.’

‘Abalone handles. They match the ingredients.’

‘The fuck? I have a shellfish allergy…’

‘And my sister had a cop for a son.’

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Sea Glass – Poetry

jagged shards of empty vice

scattered over shoals

stolen by the moon’s servant

to be pulled and rolled and rocked and lulled into blue lavender luminescence

reclaimed by the sand

the shards become precious

glowing gems to the curious eyes and

outstretched hands of children

held up to the sun

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The Games People Play, Fiction

"Press it to your eye, dummy."

"Wow! What is this thing?”

“A kaleidoscope,” I said, laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” I smiled, shaking my head.

I could hear his mother calling, took the kaleidoscope and told him I’d see him tomorrow—wondering if the black circle would still be there.

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"Abalone Man", Science Fiction

"Take the pill," he says.

So, I do. Doctor's orders.

"Obey the master," she says.

So, I do. The pill makes it easy.

"Follow the rules," they say.

So, I do. I only see the approved colors.

Take the pill, obey the master, and become the shell of a man.

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(Amazing photo, John and Justin. Looks like a dying fire to me)


She dropped his letter into the fire

and watched it blacken and curl.

Nothing was left but embers,

and blue smoke.

She’d made her decision.

There would be no re-deciding

this time.

She had finally found her own

angle of repose,

and she knew she would never




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His Final Adventure, Fiction


Steve picked up the abalone shell and marveled at the colors: violet, cerulean blue, rose, and mother-of-pearl.

He paddled out on his kayak toward calm waters. He opened a bottle, poured his father's ashes into the shell, then watched it float toward the sunset.

"'Bye, Dad. Thanks for the adventures."



You're invited to select the link above and read About this Story. Feel free to also Like and leave a Comment over there (helps me with the algorithms).

Justin, thank you for reminding me about today! Grateful to have a new story.

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Suddenly Small, fiction


“Ow!” Kate yelped, rubbing her temples. “Warn me before you use the shrink ray!”

“Sorry,” answered Suzanne.

“Where are we?” Colors swam and swirled. Suzanne smiled.

Kate looked again. “My nail polish colors!” She slid down against a bottle to the mirrored tray. “You can make us big again, right?”

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Title: The Sea-God's Embrace (poem)

Abandoned long before your time,

In ice-blue grip of Devil's claw.

Alone so long, you knew not why

Or how a soul could grasp

Its situation, so perilous, so vast

In ice-blue grip of Devil's claw.

But now to that sea cavern, retire all

In ice-blue grip of Devil's claw.

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Fun challenge. Here's what I came up with:

Stars Collide and Kingdom’s Totter by H. W. Taylor - fiction


I told her it was dangerous for us to be lovers. "It can't go on like this."

She shook her head. "We are made beautiful by love."

I opened my shirt to show her the polychromatic bruises.

She took me by the throat. “Glory be to God for dappled things.”

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Entitled, fiction

He flew in specially, his Mexican retreat prepared by long-suffering staff. Two were fired instantly, disdain in his voice. The terrace overlooked the port where bidding was fierce. He outbid them; he always did. His chef prepared the abalone nervously. Hallucinatory effects swamped the unloved billionaire. Revenge, best served chilled.

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The Abalone’s Behest | Poem

That shell adorning your neck:

Countless layers of mother-of-pearl

A lifetime’s work.

A shimmering kaleidoscope

Translucent psychedelica

An immersive iridescent pool.

An impenetrable shield

Drawing healing energies from the universe

Engulfing you in tranquility

Granting you prosperity

And happiness.

As it once did for me

When it was my home.

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So many fantastic stories here, Justin. My attempt follows:

The Witches Brew

“Hee hee”, cackled the witch as she stirred the caldron. Inside the pot was abalone shells, stardust, and a few other ingredients, perfect for Love potion #13.

“When he drinks this” she croaked, “he will be mine for all of eternity!”

The sisters giggled with rolled eyes.

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