First Heartbreak

“I can’t believe she dumped me on Valentine’s Day, Dad.”

“Come on,” the father said to his son. “I’ve got an idea.”

They slung their old ice skates and hockey sticks over their shoulders, then trudged through the snowy forest to the pond.

The puck passed between them for hours.

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Are you going to Miami for business or pleasure?

Well, we’re always hoping for pleasure, aren’t we?


What’s your name?

Valentine. Valentine Blue.

Unusual name.

Yeah. You know. My mother’s idea. 1969.

Right. I was born in that era, too.

What’s your name?

Mystery Rider.

Ah, jeez. I’m sorry.

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Thin Blue Valentine, Fiction

That time of year again. He was gone, and yet here he remained. Same spot on the same beat.

Wrong place, wrong time. Wrong profession, maybe.

She tugged up her utility belt and adjusted her pistol. The beat waits for no one, neither dead lovers, nor “what might have been.”

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Yes!!! This is awesome! Love it, Claire! 🙌 🔥

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I Love You, Fiction

“I want to show you something,” says David as he grabs Jennifer’s hand.


“See. It shows we are meant to be together.”

He points to the blue valentine made from snow on the ice. He had rescued her after she fell into the ice and they fell in love.

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My Blue Valentine (fiction poem?)

my blue valentine

you never were mine

and maybe that will be fine

I couldn’t be the one you chose

but you’re still close

and I can’t get my heart to close

when so much was unsaid

and even more undone

I unravel

and I marvel

In my blue valentine

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She stood in the freezing cold in front of his apartment. Snow seeped into her boots as he answered the door.

"Alicia?" he gasped.

"You said if we were still single in ten years, we should get married," Alicia smiled.

She pulled a ring out of her pocket. They laughed.

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Love is Poetry

My cardstock is blue,

'cause they ran outta red.

But I solemnly swear it's not all in my head.

The way that I feel can be nothing but true.

You need to know I meant when I said:

If I didn’t have you, I’d probably be dead.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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“How many did you get?”

“None.” It happened every year and she was used to it, so why be embarrassed?

(but she was)

She opened her locker and a blue envelope fell out. Frowning, she saw it had her name on it.

The card read: YOU’RE CUTE.

Pink’s overrated anyway.

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Valentine Loses His Shine - Fiction

Jerry Valentine wrote cards for Hallmark. Naturally, he took a lot of ribbing for his name. But Jerry didn’t mind. Until his girlfriend dumped him on Valentines Day. He went to a bar. A lonely woman sat by him and asked his name. He cringed and said, “Valentine. Blue Valentine.”

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Blue Valentine, a poem

I remember that day. I gave you a red rose.

After all, you said “I love you”.

Then my sister told me it was all a pose.

That nothing she said was true.

She plays with people’s minds.

Oh, little broken brother of mine,

You’re just one more blue Valentine.

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