A Gift to His Daughter, fiction

Eva’s Christmas Eve company would soon arrive, yet she couldn’t find the glass bells anywhere. Her favorite centerpiece—a family heirloom—had seemingly vanished into thin air.

Eva heard a twinkle. She returned to the kitchen.

The bells rested on the table.

Warmth filled the quiet, empty room. “Thanks, Dad.”

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But There, the Silver Answer Rang (fiction)

It’s funny how life turns out.

In the nursing home today, she fed, bathed and dressed eight elderly people. She sang with them, listened to their old stories. Annie’s just like their family now. She spent her entire Christmas with them.

It's no sacrifice. They're the only family she has.

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One Last Christmas, CNF

As a child, I wished for a stocking stuffed with fun surprises and a brightly lit tree advertising festive presents full of promise. As an adult, I wish I could trade all of those gifts in, trinkets and trash lost to nostalgia, in exchange for one last Christmas with Mom.

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-Happy Holidays to you too, Justin, and all your readers. All best for 2024.

Symmetries of Season (poem)

Weaving fiction at night, backed by the merry tree's

twinkle of lights; the spectacular plastic tree

survived a year longer

all awaiting impatiently the Christmas, and the Christmas to come;

and the New Year's, and New Year's to come,

in a land where Gregorian and

Julian calendars made their peace.

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Sentiment is for sissies, a lot of the time. Drama is not my style. Face each day, do what it takes, and carry on. It needs to be that way.

But here, now, is a time to pause, to think of greater things. Peace on earth, good will to all.

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Hi Justin. In the spirit of the season, I'd like to offer up:

Tale of a Tail (poem)

From the freshly unwound tree

snowy boughs unfurling

a tiny tail darted from the pine

scurrying for safety under the sofa

He would gladly have stayed

to share our cookies by the fire

but I shooed him out the door

tossed him a caramel and whispered

Merry Christmas little friend.

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Holiday in the Park

She must have been nuts to take her boys and their friends to Six Flags by herself. Holiday in the Park was the annual ode to Christmas and the park had festive decorations, fun rides, and warm snacks and cocoa. Still, she enjoyed every minute of their excitement and joy!

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The act of benevolence

The expensive warm woolen mittens looked very appealing. He stepped out in the cold and the young homeless boy with torn mittens caught his attentive eye.

The selflesss gift was handed over to someone more deserving and needy.The grateful smile and tears bestowed were his Christmas blessings for himself.


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I'll adopt a kitten! I imagined myself petting its fur, hearing him or her purring with that magnificent out-of-this-world sound that only cats can make.

Yes, I stoked myself good. And couldn't wait for the shelter to open in the morning.

I'm getting a companion cat.

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Survivors (drama)

Jodie was blue when they pulled him from under the ice. Silent and still. Flatlined.

Frank stood frozen by his son. Losing Jodie too would kill him, for sure. But the docs pumped Jodie’s chest and ran warm saline into his guts. Until… beep….beep…beep...

They saved two lives that night.

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Two Cups of Hot Chocolate. CNF

Large snowflakes blanket all.

Looking through the LED lined window to the decked out Christmas Tree inside by the lit fireplace, children run and play amid a mountain of discarded gift wrapping.

The porch swing swings with two sets of eyes and two cups of hot chocolate.

Love is here.

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Neighbours (fiction)

It was bitter, an icy wind slicing through his threadbare coat. His same spot but new owners. They hadn’t moved him on yet. The café door creaked. [Here we go, he thought]. Hi, I’m Ronda, this is Ken, we set you a table for Christmas lunch. Will you join us?

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Solstice Prayer (poem)

Big solstice bonfire at a friend's house

I can't have open fire

so I ask throw in a log for me

with the prayer that I may have peace

missing my beloved

asking my soul

where did he go

listening in the deep quiet

for an answer that never comes

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I do talk to the Weather Gods poem

I talk to the Weather Gods all the time

please no snow before Xmas

people have too much to do

and have to travel to their family

rain, wind and cold OK, but no snow

could have holiday shopped in July

but didn't, so give us a pass right now

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A Magical Christmas Awakening, Fiction.

A girl and a boy waited in vain for Santa Claus. Falling asleep by the fire, warm to the touch, they dreamt of a smiling fairy Godmother, bestowing on them, the eternal spirit of Christmas – boundless generosity, unseen riches, and a kindness that forever touched every soul in their path.

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Beth’s Gift (fiction)

Everything was ready. The tree was decorated and the presents wrapped. The kids and grandkids would arrive soon. Beth pulled on her snow boots, went to the shed, grabbed the bird seed, walked out to the bird feeder and filled it. Her present to her feathered friends. Merry Christmas, birdies.

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Thanks everyone. I don't really do heartwarming, so I ran with a literal take and it still came out nice. Ugh. I'll be sitting in the corner saying 'bah, humbug'...

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I received my copy of 50 Fifties yesterday!

What a lovely little gift to myself.

It’s a beauty.

Thank you!

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Dorlores could always smell the lavender.

Why did he have to lie?

It was coming to an end anyway.

Perhaps he didn’t know?

Carrie could have every last drop of him.

Delores mobile rang.

‘He all yours. I left town last night’,

to which I replied ‘And I left yesterday.’

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