Riptide, Fiction

The Atlantic needed to feed.

Jamie had been swimming in its shallows when the riptide pulled him under. He tried powering through—fighting against its force—but it proved hopeless.

Thinking quickly, he swam parallel to the coast. He inhaled saltwater, tasted death. Saw light, life—broke free, sputtering.


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The Swan, Fiction

As he lay there amidst bodies and bullets, his gut gaining heat and the riverbank staining red, Admiral Barrett saw the strangest thing.

Floating in the river, like a cloud among sky, was a swan.

She didn't know that she signalled the end; his final liberty.

Now neither did he.

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Joyriding on a Budget, Poem

I flag down

the first Ferrari I find

leaving the car show

and ask for a ride to

my rig.

We purr a few blocks


I say 'here' and


Guy drives off.

I walk back

to the avenue

full of wheels

and flag down

this time

a Lamborghini.

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Sacrifice, Fiction

The figure stabbed the flag into the ground, her blonde hair waving with its movements in the refreshing wind. Tears glistened on her cheeks as her back faced ten other figures.

"We did it," she whispered to the one who wasn't there. "We're free. And it was worth losing you."

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Freedom From Fear, Fiction

Walking home alone she braces for danger.

She’s paralyzed. Fingers laced through her keys.

Death on her mind.

Walking home alone he doesn’t worry.

He’s distracted. Face in his phone. She’s on his mind.

He could have walked with her. But it was out of his way.

She’ll be fine.

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Free as Rain - A cautionary tale

“Did you know that me and the wife finally got divorced? Oh, well, I guess I told you that already. Yessir, I am like a sailor on liberty. Freedom! Free as rain! But you know, living alone... It sure ain’t what I thought it’d be. It’s awful damn quiet.”

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The Shining Pole, Poem

Each year I buy a new Flag

To run up the shining pole.

The old one having taken the brunt

Of a year's worth of wind and sun.

Like the flag our Country toils

against the bells that toll

A warning that our Liberty and Freedom

Must never go unsung.

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On September 12, 2011, our flags flooded the country, a patriotic tsunami.

.I never saw a flag for Emmet Till. Never saw one for Maloclm X. I never saw a flag for Allende, or any democratically elected leader we covertly overthrew.Never saw flags for kids crammed in cages Did you?

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Once again, I tried to write a 50-word story and failed spectacularly. It ended up 160 words. But I appreciate the prompt. I will include the story in my Monday newsletter.

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The Flag

Is the flag in shot?

But, Minister, your view on what’s happening.

And the Portrait of His Majesty?

Minister, I must press you. The riots, the looting, the beatings?

That’s the trouble with these people. No respect for our country, our values, our flag. So is it in shot then?

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Really behind on the readers, Justin. Started writing a quick one and . . .TIME! Only word count instead! Alot of great stories here. Thanks for the prompt!

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