A Whirl Through Time, Fiction

The whirlpool appeared before us. It was a monster. A calamity.

It pulled our ship into its current, then forced us into the downward spiral. We prayed. Cried.

Yet water didn’t fill our ship – our lungs.

We emerged on a coastline with tall, leafy trees.

A Brachiosaurus turned its head.

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Desert Terror

The swirling clouds had just turned a sickly shade of green, when the girl witnessed them changing into a whirlpool right before her eyes. The desert was was dry, yes they need rain, but not this-not what was coming. Unfortunately for her, she dove for the nearest arroyo.

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ANTICIPATION - fiction by Sharron at 🍁Leaves

Unbridled lust floods her quivering body as she waits. When the door slowly opens, she runs to him, a whirlpool of desire. He takes her in his arms, breathes into her ear the two words she longs to hear.

Häagen-Dazs? he whispers.

Oh baby, she sighs, yes yes YES!

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Riddles by the Fire, Fiction

The green glass door is a portal. Nobody knows from where it came, or where it goes. Only few can enter — a mutt, but not a dog, a sheep, but not a cow. Lucas is rejected, but Sally leaps on through. I've discovered the secret of the green glass door.

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The Restart, Fiction

The metal had remained cool for so long, the tunnels inside undisturbed. Dormant.

Patiently it waited, while the white coats ran their tests.

They should have left it that way.

When they pressed the button, the portal opened and their world became a mirror.

Now, they were faced with themselves.

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Reversing Falls, Fiction

Staticky white noise. A frothy chop moved rapidly across the bay on an otherwise calm day, batting her around; a cat with string. Tiny whirlpools encircling her, sucking her paddle into their vortex. The kayak wobbled, uncertain, then righted itself. The sea smelled like wet rust. The fog rolling in.

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This is strange. I posted a story but I don't see it.

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