I'm hacking into lyric websites and editing all the Depeche Mode stuff to more accurately reflect Libertarian ideals. Ok, no I'm not. But I'm still publishing fiction every day on https://jimmydoom.substack.com and dragging my feet on publishing my new collection. An anthology I have a flash fiction story in ( 81 Words , edited by Chris Fielden ) just won a Saboteur Award in England. I don't know how prestigious the award is, but I love the name.

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I'm changing the format of my Substack publication so that my weekly posts read more like snail mail letters we used to write instead of blog posts. (The first letter goes out tomorrow!) I'm also recommitting to finishing my Science Fiction Haiku collection for publication this summer.

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I’m finishing and polishing the beta release of my first text adventure game! It’s called Use Your Psychic Powers at Applebee’s and it’ll be exclusively for my subscribers at https://adventuresnack.com.

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I have two novels in progress, but no rush.

Since the pandemic began I've had more fun writing short stories. I think that's because early on in the pandemic I couldn't concentrate for long on any one thing. Once I got into the groove of short story writing, I continued.

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The only thing I’m doing consistently right now is blogging at least twice a week. My office is a mess I need to clean it up and get organized and get back to my transcription studies so I can finish the course!

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I have barely written in the past two months. I foolishly burned out by way overcommitting on my newsletter and needed a break. But I made the necessary changes, took time off, and I am feeling the urge to write returning.

I do want to finish my Baron Britpop book trilogy. There are too many unfinished trilogies out there (I am looking at you Patrick Rothfuss.) I don’t want mine to be one. 

I would also like to get back to my Substack space sitcom serial, Space Traveler Fargone. 

As you know, I am going to be writing a chapter in a round robin story with a dozen other Substack fiction writers. I am hoping that commitment helps me overcome my non-writing inertia. I wrote the opening paragraph, and it felt good. 

Probably not the answer you expected, but it’s the truth. 🤣

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My primary goal this year is to write a novella. I believe I have the stamina, and I'm just starting to think about the story. Ultimately I would like to publish it for Kindle, but I wouldn't be opposed to a Kickstarter for a very limited print run. Other than that I'm just going to keep writing short stories on my Substack at https://brianreindel.substack.com. I'm curious Justin, what do you think is the reason you're not finishing the novels? I don't think it's an uncommon problem. Do you lose interest, or is there some needed clarity for the endings? I look forward to hearing the good news that you finish one this year :)

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May 17, 2022·edited May 17, 2022Liked by Justin Deming

I am delighted to hear that you have so many unfinished novels. Not because you haven't been able to finish them, but rather because now I don't feel so alone.

I am working on the second in a series of novels set in my Broken universe, stories of Texas Rangers with dark secrets or hidden pasts. The first deals with human trafficking. So many people, when/if they think about human trafficking always envisions the child or teenager being grabbed off the street and whisked away never to be seen again. Yes, that happens. Broken Toys (available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, Walmart.com, etc.) addresses a different kind of trafficking—the Romeo Syndrome. Young, attractive men and women target teenagers on the fringe of society, the ones with low to no self-esteem. They befriend them and then the teens vanish. It's real and it's scary. Broken Toys also shows how easy it is to manipulate these same teens.

In addition to that, I've been working on some sci-fi and fantasy short stories, a weekly newspaper column on the Perils of Parenting (https://www.pleasantonexpress.com/articles/that-ones-mine/ the most recent contribution), and a monthly column for The Municipal.

I'm trying to figure out how to make a living with my words, but until such time as I win the lottery (which I keep forgetting to play) I will keep scribbling away and showing up at the day job to count beans.

And I really need to start writing on Substack instead of just reading.

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Hi! I don't remember how I found your Substack but this seems like a good time to introduce myself! I also live in the Hudson Valley and I write weekly nonfiction at https://finnschubert.substack.com/

I'm working on gathering the past 5 months of essays into a self-published collection, in collaboration with my fantastic artist friend, Shea in the Catskills.

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