Thanks for posting all the photos, Justin. I offer you the poem below for this challenge.


Transtemporal, Poem

lost in the currents of time

a time traveler weaves through

eras like threads on

a cosmic loom

every step forward or back

a ripple in the tapestry of existence

witnessing empires rise and crumble

love ignite and fade they're reminded

time is a river and

we're all but drifters

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Growing Old Together • Fiction

She looked in the mirror.

She frowned.

“Happy birthday, my love.”


“Turning sixty is tough.”

“The worst.”

“Well, you said you wanted to grow old together.”

“Yeah, but I was young and beautiful then.”

“You’re still beautiful.”

“Nice try.”

Vehicles containing three daughters and five grandsons arrive.

She smiles.

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Thank you, Justin for hosting this challenge. I look forward every time to seeing the offerings!

A PASSING OF TIME - prose poem

Of all the stages of my lifetime, this is by far the best. I rest by candlelight, following my breath, wrapped up in silence, but for the ticking of the clock. A wisp of night breeze teases the curtain, my entire life dances by on the bright wings of fireflies.

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Such an impressive milestone, and a fabulous communal writing exercise playing out over time. Fantastic images, John, fascinating prompts.


Time Stands Still (flash fiction)

Breath held, a tiny eighty-year-old tool pinched between thumb and forefinger. The hush was exaggerated, unsettling his usual pattern. He needed a rhythm to sharpen his deep concentration. He felt a slight tremor. Age, but also experience. He savoured the final adjustment, the key moment. The grandfather clock ticked again.

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Really fine pictures!

The Passage of Time, CNF

It will be a significant passage of time that passes before I forget . .

Kamala Harris's take on the significance of the passage of time.

I may never forget its significance.

Significantly, today is but time passed from yesterday and tomorrow's time is already cast.

Unless I can break the die.

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Beautiful pictures.

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WH0A!!!! Thank you for the journey. Perfectly timed

The beauty and even the titles brings a tiny tear of wow gratitude

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The fog of light reflecting in the mirror burned through his soul; it ate at him, like a worrying bump worked into a scab. He looked at his rheumy eyes, his pasty flesh, and slowly scraped the razor across his barren cheeks.

“Another day done; and a new one begun.”

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Thanks so much for the photo journey...

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Wow! How awesome to see the entire collection of photos.

Thank you for all the many ways you engender community and collaboration Justin!

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I loved seeing all of John's photo's together! It's always a jot to see your stories and prompts in my inbox!

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